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Legal Guidelines: Opening a Restaurant

Opening a restaurant is your dream, but it can easily turn into a nightmare. This Article identifies some of the key legal steps to building that dream and some the common mistakes that can turn your project south.

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U.S. Senate Approves Crowdfunding

Senate Approves Crowdfunding, as Crowdfunds Rush to Take Advantage. Crowdfunding, which allows startups to raise small amounts of money online, is one now step closer to passage:

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IRS Launches Voluntary Worker Reclassification Program for Employers

The IRS announced a new program that will allow employers who have erroneously treated workers as independent contractors to now treat them correctly as employees, at a relatively low cost to employers:

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Potential Washington Franchise Act Amendments

The Department of Financial Institutions is contemplating the introduction of new legislation in the 2012 legislative session which would amend the Franchise Investment Protection Act to better align it with the FTC Rule.

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