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If you are looking to start a business, need help with contracts, or other business matters, I am ready to provide the legal assistance you need.


You and your company are unique and deserve individualized attention. I will work with you to create solutions that suit you.


When the future of your business is at stake, you deserve an attorney who will be available and accessible to always keep you informed.

Business & Corporate Law Attorney in Seattle, Washington

Brock Gavery

Attorney at Law

After obtaining my law degree from Seattle University in 2004, I started my own private firm and focus my practice on providing businesses with knowledgeable guidance in a variety of legal matters. From starting a new business to drafting legally-sound contractual agreements or seeking assistance with corporate governance and finances, I have the understanding and insight you need to take appropriate steps to secure the present and future of your professional interests. I am proud to offer skilled legal services to clients in and around the greater Seattle, Washington area. If your business is in need of high-quality legal representation in business-related matters, contact me at the Law Office of Brock Gavery today for a free consultation.


"I care more about my clients, not the bottom line."

Brock Gavery

Keep Your Business is On the Right Track

The business world is full of complex regulations and unexpected legal matters. In order to protect your current interests and put wise safeguards in place for the future, your best choice is to consult with an experienced business law attorney to learn your options and make informed decisions.

At the Law Office of Brock Gavery, I take pride in serving the legal needs of businesses throughout the greater Seattle, Washington area. When you are looking to form a new company, set up a corporation, or need an attorney who can help with contractual issues, I am ready with the assistance you need.

I have helped numerous companies through the startup process, handle mergers & acquisitions, and more. When you work with me as your legal counsel, you can rest assured that your professional interests will be the priority as I represent your company and help you prepare for the future.

When your company is in need of dedicated legal representation in a wide range of matters, there is high-quality help available. If you are located in the greater Seattle, Washington area, you can call me at the Law Office of Brock Gavery now to schedule a free consultation.

Practice Areas

Business Law

Whether you are starting a new enterprise or looking for legal counsel for an existing company, I can advise you for important business decisions.

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Entity Formation

From sole proprietorships and LLCs to partnerships or other entities, laying the right foundation is a critical first step to take.

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Corporate Governance

When it comes to best practices for boards, committees, and governance structures, working with a skilled attorney will help the process.

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Full-Service Business Law Representation

When you have the drive and desire to make your business a success, you understand the importance of having a skilled business attorney in your corner. Having an attorney who is looking out for your best interests and advising you on important decisions lets you focus on day-to-day operations.

Businesses throughout the greater Seattle area have come to trust me with even the most complex business-related legal matters. From contracts and employee incentive plans to corporate finance and entity formation, I will work directly with you to develop a sound legal strategy that can put your company in a secure position today and in the future.

In addition to business-related legal situations, I have extensive experience in the specific area of restaurant law. Opening and/or maintaining a restaurant business carries a unique set of legal challenges. From real estate for the restaurant to employment issues, You can trust me as your counsel.

Whether you need knowledgeable counsel for business & corporate law to restaurant law, personal injury, or intellectual property law, I will work tirelessly on your behalf to create a stable legal environment that can lead you to success. If you are in the Seattle, Washington area, contact me at the Law Office of Brock Gavery and schedule a free consultation.